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I help people to develop

the best healthcare services through co-design

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A story about my experience with a life-threatening disease and the lessons I learned to improve healthcare.

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What is co-Design?

Co-design is a design process whereby patients, healthcare professionals, designers and many more collaborate as partners in creative activities to develop a new service or product.

To use the best evidence-based method to improve healthcare I employ a co-design methodology. This is based on my research at Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

Workshops and Training

I provide workshops and training to help people co-design the best healthcare services and products. My work is inspired by the wisdom from my own experience with a life-threatening disease. 



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Care professionals can be better supported by re-designing the electronic meidcal record system  (08/2019) Klik hier om meer te lezen

How should we re-design care in an ethical way?  (2019) Klik hier om meer te lezen

Patient experience model

I am conducting research on how we can model the experience of patients in healthcare. This exploratory research is part of the front end design process to develop a consultation room for the future. The consultation room 2030 project is a collaboration between Erasmus MC, Erasmus University and TU Delft.

Underneath  I present a draft diagram, which lays out the different steps and dynamics in a world view development of people with a life-threatening illness. This is based on my experience and earlier work of my master thesis of philosophy.

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